The Quotes Of Jesus With Limited Guidelines

Maximizing Individual Beliefs


The Goal

The goal for this website is to present the quotes of Jesus with minimum guidelines. Then examine His quotes as they relate to institutionalized interpretation. The intention is to consume His quotes according Jesus definitions. He addresses the reader as a student with Him as the Master Teacher. In doing so He makes it clear individuals are the students and the only thing we can do is learn. Learning is not limited to the understanding of His quotes but also from the witness of the brothers and sisters that reflect His quotes. He also states that He teaches in parables. From this I conclude that to gain the greatest understanding it is important to interpret these quotes as a parable to life with flexible guidelines. Hopefully, He will reveal something to help all live a better life. In my own reading of His quotes I try to always keep in mind these two spirits, that I Am the student and He is the Master of His parables.

In the event you would like to support any of the things on this website I ask for your Tips to help make society aware of the teachings of Jesus and how they function in everyday life. Look at me as the panhandler on the corner of all streets in the United States working to help everyone experience a better life by connecting them directly to the Spirit of Jesus Christ through His Quotes.