Spirits From Our Nature Or Spirits Of God

A Jesus Quote On Spirits


A Jesus Quote

“Flesh gives birth to its own, but the Spirit of God gives birth to spirit. Spirit of God gives life; the flesh produces, nothing. The quotes I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit of God and life. God is spirit, and his students must believe in His Spirit and truth. For the one God sent, speaks the quotes of God, for God gives the Spirit without any limitation.
God makes the sun to rise on the bad and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.”


A Line Is Drawn

Within these quotes from Jesus it is clear that a line is drawn between the physical nature of humans and the spirit of God. But for some reason I find no reference to the spirits of our physical human nature. Without identifying these spirits an assumption is created that all spirits are from God. Jesus makes it quite clear that there is a division.

It is obvious that from these quotes spirits of my physical human nature exist or the desires of my flesh lead to nothing in regards to His quotes. The focus of this spirit is only to exalt the physical nature of the person, unable to see beyond that desire. While the spirit of God through the quotes of Jesus Christ lead to life, by allowing a person to experience life beyond their own physical nature.

My Own Manifestation

I cannot begin to describe in my own words what or when and how the spirit of God manifest itself in my life. The only thing that I will say is that God manifest himself in spirit through the revelation of understanding through the teachings and quotes of Jesus Christ. I also find there is a manifestation of human nature that manifest itself, appearing to be as if it were from God, it produces nothing but deception. For me the only way to separate them is with the quotes of Jesus Christ.

Rain On The Good And Bad

When Jesus says, “God makes the sun to rise on the bad and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.”

This quote makes it evermore important to use these principles of Jesus as a guide to lead us from our own inequities. I interpret this as God coming to light even in the things that are not spiritually in agreement with the quotes of Jesus.

A Specific Understanding

The revelations of Jesus are aimed specifically for individual understanding. When I try to share them with others, they are unable to see the revelations in the same manner as I. This is what makes mine and everyone’s relationship with God individual and personal. There are exceptions to this, with like minded believers. They easily understand and grow, each on their own.
On the opposite side of the spirit of God is the spirit of the physical human nature. These are the spirits I was born with, these are the spirits as Jesus quotes, produce nothing.

Within our human nature there is the desire to control life, our own and the lives of others. It is great to control our own life with the spirit of God, but not through our own fleshly desires. Our physical nature always seeks to control others by giving of ourselves or through political correctness. These events are either coerced or negotiated through agreement. Political correctness controls life through misrepresentation and enabling controls through expectation. When our desires are left untempered by the quotes of Jesus, political control and expectation are exercised producing a position of nothing.
As a people we learn either through legislated authority as a student or by experiencing authority. Legislation dictates to us a format to live by that does not always fit into everyone’s life or demonstrate an effective solution. When people are able to see the result of their decisions through experience they make changes accordingly. The spirit of God requires experiencing His words. This eliminates the nothingness of the desires of human nature.
There are many other quotes regarding the spirit that are also quite relevant but not included with these. I invite anyone reading this to search for more quotes regarding the spirit of Jesus.
Please remember in reading this publication that I am a student seeking understanding. You may conclude differently than myself of which belongs to each. I look at all information as an opportunity to learn.