The Spirit Of God And Human Nature

Separate the Spirits


A Jesus Quote, Spirits Of God And Humanity

“Human Nature gives birth to its own, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. God’s Spirit gives life; Human Nature produces, nothing. The quotes I have spoken to you are full of Spirit and life. God is spirit, and His students must believe in His Spirit and truth. For the one God sent, speaks the words of God and gives the Spirit without any limitation.”


The Nature Of A Spirit

As long as humans have inhabited this planet two opposing Spirits have influenced everyone, the spirit of God’s supernatural, and the spirit of human nature. Each represents a different outcome. One is understanding and contentment the other makes us feel good about ourselves by building up our ego, then lets us down by realizing our failures. God’s spirit is of measurement, responsibility and self discipline for the environment we live. Human nature spirit lends us to rely on our own knowledge to make decisions and believe we are in control. Through the Supernatural we learn through confirmation of an unexplainable witness. Human nature is confirmed through justification of political agreement by creating written and unwritten rules and regulations. Each spirit having a very different result and way of confirmation.

When Do Human Spirits Begin Development?

Keep in mind we are born with or into the spirit of human nature, our relationship with God is something we experience through believing His existence. This happens in many different ways words, people, events or whatever way He may choose. Verification is possible through by application of His words and His supernatural witness coming together.
I believe our human nature learning begins in the womb taking on the environment we are exposed with sounds actions and events. In our first days of life out of the womb, we cry to take control of the situation. This notifies our caretakers we need something such as food or diaper change. In our first few years we begin to understand words and structure sentences. We acquire the human nature spirits from the words of humans according to their language environment.

As we grow older we begin to see things that do not make sense to us and we begin to look seriously for answers about life. This usually happens through some tragic event, divorce, death, mid life change or something else that we experience in life. We search for answers to life that our human nature cannot answer. At this many to God for answers to the unknown. God answers these questions to through parables to His students. Everyone has the opportunity to become a member of His student body by searching for answers to life’s problems through His parables.

Jesus Quotes, The Substance Of Life Fulfilled As A Parable

“I AM the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, they will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My human nature, which I give for the life of the world.”


“Consume the Bread Of God In His Quotes”

The only way to absorb the human nature of Jesus or made into God’s image with His spirit is to consume the bread and do the words of Jesus, the bread of life.
There are many other quotes regarding the spirit that are also quite relevant but not included here. I invite anyone reading this to search for more quotes regarding the spirit of Jesus.
Please remember in reading this publication that I am a student seeking understanding. You may conclude differently than myself of which belongs to each. I look at all information as an opportunity to learn.
To find these quotes go to Strong’s Concordance then type in the word spirit or spirits and look in the Gospels. Especially John’s Gospel