The Love Quote

The Greatest Love


“A new command I give you Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my Students/Disciples, if you love one another”

Do You Want To Be Treated The Same As Everyone

The common way of understanding this event is that we do to others the way we want to be treated. Do you think that everyone wants to be treated in the same way? My answer is No. Unfortunately but fortunately everyone likes to be treated in a different way. This is our individuality. Another question is, “Would I like everybody to treat me like I treat them?” My human nature answer is Yes, I want to be liked. My rational answer is no, How boring would the world be if that happened? We would all think the same.

The Same Ideals

Perhaps everyone does not have the same ideals as myself. They may not like a glass of wine or a Budweiser. They may not want to be a Christian, Jew, Buddhist, or any other theology that I believe in. Each person is influenced by the political correctness of their environment that they have been exposed to. The political correctness of their beliefs will separate each to their own kind.
Political correctness has been around since Adam and Eve, reflected in the story of the serpent. Before the serpent, Adam and Eve reported only to God. Once they believed in the serpent they became a political entity by having a common belief about God. In this situation they believed they were like God. When they became like God, they no longer could learn from God because they were His equals. Being an equal to God allowed each of them to legislate their own beliefs about God from the same political agreement. They became liked by the serpent. They acted in God’s place, when a person knows everything about God there is nothing to learn.
Anyone that thinks everyone loves in the same manner is totally mistaken, you might call it insane. That is why Jesus has a stipulation of being a student and with a result of loving one another the way that he does. This is conditional love. Within the context of His quotes it is clear that a relationship with Him is conditioned upon applying His Quotes to life.


A Condition And Result

This quote from Jesus has a condition and a result. The condition is that we are to love one another in the same manner that Jesus has loved us. This is realized by applying His Quotes, not an easy thing to do. The result of this love is the recognition of other students (Disciples) who are doing according to His love. People may not even know they are following this quote but following specific principles.
Being a student/disciple of His quotes is one of many characteristics that others are doing accordingly. Students are always learning and willing to face many challenges while seeking information. Jesus outlines this and many others within other quotations. By learning His precepts and principles we create a common bond.

The Application

Through application of His instructions His Universal love becomes visible. At this point we are able to look beyond the literal acceptance of issues. We learn to communicate with the people around us even though we have different ideals. We recognize evil and are able to deal with it through wisdom.

Definition Of Disciple

The word Disciple has been politicized to create it’s own politically correct definition. Disciple is often interpreted as a follower or as Apostle depending upon the political correctness of the organization’s interpretation. This distortion leads to misunderstanding and confusion of the content conveyed by the quote. The Greek Definition for Disciple is student or pupil. Jesus verifies this in a quote regarding our positioning in relationship to him.


Jesus quotes, “Do not call Yourself “Rabbi,” you have only one Teacher, and are brothers or students for each other. Do not call yourself instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Messiah.” Very simple, I am the student, Jesus is the only teacher, the Messiah. I can never be the Messiah, nor is it possible for anyone else.


Life Application

Love one another the way Jesus quotes not the way we want others to love us. This will produce understanding for your life.