Jesus Quotes In Parables

Jesus students asked, “Why do you speak to people in parables?”

Jesus said “Understanding the secrets of heaven has been given to my students.  Whoever has this understanding will receive more, and have abundance. Whoever does not have this understanding, will be removed of what they have. This is why I speak to them in parables.

This quote reveals that it is natural for the students of Jesus to ask questions, that is what a student does. From the question comes an answer that leads to a greater understanding. This is  reflected in the parable of the sower with the seeds planted in the good ground. With a greater understanding comes more wisdom and the student profits by applying these principles to all parts of their life. Understanding a parable requires far more thinking than just accepting what has been said literally. The person that does not take the time to understand the value of a quote will not see any value. The quote is then forgotten. This is the seed the birds eat. The evil one replaces the seed with a message that is unproductive.

It is stated by the author of Matthew that Jesus never spoke without speaking a parable. A parable or simile reflects many solutions whereas a literal interpretation will confine a person to it’s interpretation.