The Killing Of A Spirit

Death Of Spirits From Ignorance


Killing With Anger


“You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, You shall not kill, and anyone who kills will be subject to judgment. I say to you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister will be subject to judgment.”

Anger And Lust

Anger is the result of not getting what I am lusting after or what I have imagined to be right. When applied to things I Am angry at, it demonstrates it’s ugly power. Since the idol that I Am referring to is lusting in regards to a relationship, let’s continue with this event. When a person lust after another person of the opposite sex or same sex for whatever reason and does not get what they have imagined, anger begins to develop. It will come from many different directions of the imagination. It’s foundation is always based in knowledge of the possession that is imagined. When the knowledge becomes legislated, and the event does not occur, anger begins it’s ugly journey through life.


Anger begins with rejection, when the event imagined does not occur.
In a relationship when lusting after a specific event and the person does not respond accordingly, the result will lead to some type of anger. When the need is not met frustration begins and will lead to anger.

Internal Anger Example

When trying to control your life through exercise and diet and are unable to attain that desire, frustration sets in and this type of anger just gives up trying ignoring any new information that may help. This in turn kills the desire to change or lose weight. In these and many other areas of life, when I Am unable to attain what I want, my motivation to accomplish becomes destroyed or killed. At this point I either seek understanding or I revert to my ignorance leading me to stop or kill the desire. This is the beginning of killing my own desire.

Road Rage

This anger on occasion will manifest itself into the actual death of others. Road rage is an anger when other drivers do not do what the rager wants them to do. Resulting in extreme anger. It often turns violent and innocent people become the victim of this event’s anger. Spousal abuse happens in the same manner a person becomes angered by not receiving what they want leading to the demise of a relationship often accelerating into physical violence or murder. This principle is universal and accelerates from anger developed by not viewing the same idol or imagination.

Anger’s Antidote

The only antidote to Anger is A question, something like why am I angry or what is this all about. When a person seeks questions and answers they become a student of life rather than a dictator of of their imagination. A totally different outcome is realized.

Self Righteous Behavior

As we have learned from lusting, is an undisciplined self desire for our own self righteousness. In this state we could care less what Jesus has to say. His words are dead to our spirit. But our anger prevails imposing our love onto others. The receiver of this love looks upon us as a bully, an accuser even an intimidator. People avoid these types of spirits isolating the person and the spirit from themselves. They do not provoke it by ignoring it. Thus the relationship is dead.


Remember when reading any quotes from Jesus, it is important to read them selflessly as a student and as a parable to life. In doing this, look for continuity within all of His quotes and multiple applications to life. Please keep in mind my opinions are a reflection of my view of the quotes of Jesus. Anyone reading this or any parable will have their own reflection.


When any one dies at the hands of another or themselves they have caused death, someone has been killed.  All spiritual death and many physical deaths are a result of selfishness caused by ignorance to the reality of practicing these teachings of Jesus.
Spiritual death is not physical death but leads to physical death. Ignorance is when we do what we want, instead of listening to the spirit of truth. Just as Moses declared with the prophecy of Jesus Christ, anyone that does not obey my words I will require of them. In other words they will live by their own words that will lead to their own destiny. Anger Leads To Death.

Doing The Right Thing

In my community alone we have experienced 2 deaths and one shooting in the past month. Each was caused by a person believing they were doing the right thing. In one instance an elderly lady put her foot on the gas instead of the brakes and slammed into a car with a family. The father and child were killed. In another instance a man was crossing a road and was hit by a vehicle, killing him. In another incident a guard was picking up the money at a local store. When he left, He was shot in the head. He survived, each instance involved ignorance where people were only looking at what they wanted to see and for whatever reason were unable to see the impact there decision had upon themselves and others. The end result is always the same, a loss of life, either spiritual or physical.

No One Is Exempt

No one is exempt from this principle, the most any of us can do is to learn it and apply it to our lives the best we can. When living our lives whether it be driving a vehicle or having a drink it is important to be a student of our surroundings understanding the many opportunities to fall victim to our own ignorance.  In today’s world it is easy to be caught up on cell phones or habits that put our lives and the lives of others in danger.

Death is very seldom a deliberate act that we commit but rather something we do to ourselves and our relationships by not being a student of the things we are a part of. When we believe in something as good, when it is not, we are guiding ourselves into our own demise. This happens through our faith when we believe the same as everyone else and everyone else is in opposition to the Quote’s of God through Jesus Christ.

This Quote is a good example to learn and apply, if we are willing to be a student and meditate upon how we can use it effectively in our lives. Despite it’s difficulty.

When we are not in agreement with the words of Jesus, God becomes our adversary. Only by leaving our disagreement at the alter and unite with His principles is it possible to overcome our anger at life.