Identifying False Information or Prophecy

Finding The Truth

A Jesus Quote,

“I caution you regarding false prophets, who come to you appearing to you in sheep’s clothing as your friend, but inside they are ravenous wolves. They are easy to identify by the things they say. Do they gather their words with accusations from their judgements, their grapes from intimidations and figs from thistles of life? Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot communicate with accusations, nor a bad tree communicate with questions or parables. Every tree that does not search with questions is cut down and thrown into their own pride. Therefore by the fruit of their quotes you will know them.”

I grew up on a farm and I remember the thorn bushes, they were the last place you wanted to end up. In my journey through life I find there are people genuinely interested to learn about God and each other, they seek answers by asking questions to learn about life and build relationships, these are the good trees of life. There are others that seem to have all the answers, their form of communication is to impose their values, intimidate, accuse and bully others with their values, these are the bad trees of life.

The source of any good tree is first to be a student, and secondly to look at all of the variables that are possible, then negotiate the best option. In my negotiation with life I Choose to follow and believe in the same God as Moses by following the quotes of Jesus Christ. Just because someone exhorts God does not mean that they are a believer of God in the same way as others. Believing in the same God of Moses, places my belief in Jesus Christ. Just as prescribed by Moses confirmed by Jesus in the law and Gospels.

Quote From God To Moses,

“If you ask in your heart, “How will I know the words that God has not spoken?” “When a prophet speaks representing God, if the thing does not happen or come to exist, God did not speak the words to them and the prophet representing God has spoken presumptuously.”

A Jesus Quote,

“My doctrine is not Mine, it belongs to the one that sent Me. If anyone that does His will to believe in me, that person will know if the doctrine in question, is from God or I am representing Myself. Anyone who speaks about themselves is seeking their own glory; but when you seek the glory of the One who sent Jesus there is no unrighteousness in them. Didn’t Moses give you the law, yet none of you keeps the law of Moses?”

Only by understanding the principles of Jesus, then applying them to life is it possible to understand if any quote is representing the same God that Moses speaks of.
You may say, “But there is only one God?” My answer is, “If there is only one God, is God confused since He is represented differently by various sects of 3 theologies Judaism, Christianity and Islam?” Or are we confused and maybe everyone has a different view of God creating God in their own image?

Pharisees and Sadducees

Do the Pharisees and the Sadducees believe in God but in totally different ways? So if I believe there is only one God is it the God of the Sadducees or the Pharisees or one of my own creation? I choose to believe in neither one of their Gods but I do believe in the God of Moses who claims His words are the words of Jesus. The only way I have found to identify this God is through the application of the principles of Jesus Christ.

What is your guide to identify a false Prophet?

Remember when reading any quotes from Jesus or God, it is important to read them to learn as a student and as a parable to life. In doing this, look for continuity within other quotes and multiple applications to your life. Please keep in mind my opinions are a reflection of my view of the quotes of Jesus. Reading them as a parable allows everyone the opportunity to digest the content selflessly on their own level.