Effective Communications Builds Confidence

Affirmations Create A Confident Mental Attitude


Jesus Quote On Communicating Self Confidence

It was said of Old, Do not make inaccurate statements (Bear False Witness), but carry to completion your professions to God. But I say, Do Not make any statements at all that represents heaven, for it is God’s Throne or by earth because it is His footstool. Nor make statements from your own desires, because you cannot make one hair white or black. But let your Yes be your affirmation and No, be your rejection. Anything other will lead to confusion.


Communicate With Questions

The only way possible to communicate without making statements that support heaven or the world we live in is to ask questions. Students ask questions and conclude. Authorities declare and justify their positions. As a student of God their is only one authority. Students present their information for testing and observation to learn its viability. Authorities impose their beliefs upon anyone that accepts their views. Students seek information without having to justify it without repercussions. Authorities create the laws with justification for the people and are political entities. Here laws are crafted to meet the desires of the people not their needs.

Students Communicate With Yes Or No

Please notice that the disciples (students) of Jesus were constantly asking Him questions along with everyone else. He fully engaged them with answers even answers they did not want to hear. He gives this simple instruction saying, “Let your yes be yes and no be no. Anything other than this is evil.” This provides direction to students and organizations on How to communicate and digest information to find truth. In the case of the government they have to establish laws to look out for the welfare of the people. Their relationship is collective or political. By asking questions in this manner, whatever endeavor we pursue we find definitive answers. Students engage with questions and are always willing to learn by this trait you will know they are His students (disciples). They offer opinions and conclusions to the topic discussed.

Non Students Communicate By Justification

The non student will fall victim to the beginning of this teaching. They will stand behind any belief they may have regarding what they have professed in their relationship with life, God or others. Their beliefs are justified without analyzing and observing the results of their profession. It would be to embarrassing to even think about any misinterpretation. They learn about God from the teaching in their house of worship and it becomes collective or political teaching. Unlike the student that goes directly to God through the words of Jesus Christ that have become a part of their own way of thinking. The temple for the student is within the principles of Jesus or their own individual relationship. This temple is anywhere the student is located. unlike person professing their authoritative understanding that comes from organizations and the people of those organizations.

Yes And No Is A Universal Form Of Communication

This principle works in everything we do from finding directions to learning and using IT code. These are the fringe benefits of using this form of communication. This formula was given to apply towards our questions that pertain to Jesus/God. This will help us identify our own position on issues along with the position of others. Without using this to filter our beliefs we will fall for many deceptive beliefs that alter the way we live on this planet.

When God communicates it requires analysis to see its application and Jesus instructs us how to do it. By accepting authority without using His analysis we are inviting spiritual warfare into our lives. When believing in authority without verification our thoughts are based upon our assumption. This is easy to do when it comes from an authoritative person.

Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness

This quote provides further understanding to the Command of Moses that states, “Do not bear false witness or do not tell a lie.” Jesus explains that oaths are deceptive. Very simply He gives us a guide to find truth in our relationship with God and the people in our daily lives. The very first instruction is for us to not make any reference or statement about Heaven since it is the place of God. No one really knows God or what heaven is like everything is speculative. Commonly we make assumptions as to our perception of God and heaven based upon what others have said.

By taking a position as a student looking to learn through the application of these principles we do not have to speak with certainty because the applications will change throughout our lives. By making oaths and statements we put ourselves in a position to defend them. This in turn inflates our ego and stops us from learning new things. We end up in a mode of defending our words.
To make any statement about God or heaven is merely speculation unless it is a quote from Jesus. This principle gives us a guide on how to communicate with God and reap the benefits of our relationships with life.

An Example

For example, we now have GPS that guides us to the location we are striving to go to. Jesus provides a guide by following these principles. I am an UBER driver, when I first started to drive I found myself following my own directions rather than the GPS because I have lived in the area for over 30 years. I shortly found the GPS was much smarter than me. Not long ago I was asked by a rider to go to the Largest  of 2 Premium outlet malls. So I took them to the one that I believed was the largest Premium Outlet Mall. When we arrived I was informed that it was the wrong place even though the GPS instructed me to the one that I was not at. If I had followed directions or asked more yes and no questions I could have been on the same page as my rider. But unfortunately I have this ideal that I know what is right, based upon my own experiences, even though it was wrong. The same happens when there is a witness to an inequity whether a murder or robbery. They are like me and only see what they want.
This just shows that everything we see and believe is not totally true. Using the principle of asking questions will help each of us to see truth rather than follow our own perception.
Remember when reading any quotes from Jesus quotes it is important to read them as a parable to life and as a student. In doing this, look for continuity within all quotes and for multiple applications to your life. Please keep in mind my opinions are a reflection of my view of the quotes of Jesus. Parables speak to everyone at their own level.