Commit To Give In Secret

Giving By Doing The Quotes Of Jesus


Jesus Quote on Giving

“Do Not give that you are seen by others. There is no reward from the Heavenly Father when giving in this manner. When you perform merciful services do not let them be known, people that do this seek glory from the people in their lives, not from God. Assuredly, they have their own reward. But when you do a merciful deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, that your charitable services are in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly.”

How To Give To God

At this moment I have concluded that in order to give in secret that I am not the recipient of my giving but God is that recipient. What I give to God is my willingness to learn from Jesus. Then in God’s time He uses what I have learned when desired and it is not for me to know. When I do these principles I am giving the things I learn from God to others. In doing this I am not looking to receive anything back but committed to a way of life, that is reflective of the way that I understand the quotes of Jesus.
The same would be true with any interest myself or anyone could have. The success is determined by our passion to learn whatever it is then share with others. The reward is doing the passion without looking at the reward.

Do Not Exalt Yourself

I find that many people teach their children to say thank you. This is definitely a very polite thing to do. But in doing this, thank you, becomes an expectation. When this happens it is no longer a gift but an expectation. By giving the gift the person expects to be thanked. This is for their own self exaltation. Often the person giving a gift will give what they want the person to have not what the person needs to have. The person receiving the gift has absolutely no use for the gift which they are required to say thank you to exalt the giver. Gifts given in this manner have no value to the receiver. It only has self righteous value to the individual giving the gift and teaches the receiver to accept things they do not need because of the righteousness of the giver. This becomes a politically correct deed for self exaltation and opposition to the Quotes of Jesus.

Let God Be Exalted

For me the greatest gift that I could ever give to anyone is the kind of compassion resulting from these quotes by Jesus Christ. I could give someone a book that gave them the information to be happy and successful the rest of their life, but if they did not want to read the Book it has absolutely no value to either one of us. If they accepted it the only that would happen is that it would make me feel good. That is where it would end. Maybe the best thing to do is follow what Jesus teaches and leave the gift giving to God. Then let God take any accolades.
Remember when reading any quotes from Jesus, it is important to read them selflessly as a student and a parable to life. In doing this, look for continuity within other quotes and multiple applications to your life. Please keep in mind my opinions are a reflection of my view of the quotes of Jesus. Reading them as a parable allows everyone the opportunity to digest the content selflessly on their own level.