The Value Of Human Nature And Spirit Of God

Reconciling Differences


“A new command I give you, “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my Students/Disciples, if you love one another”


Nature Of Humans

The nature of humans is to do things that protect themselves. This leads to many of our self righteous beliefs. We look for and do things that help to making ourselves feel good and accepted. In doing this our knowledge takes on a role to figure out what it takes to make us feel good and accepted in the environment we live. When we are successful we feel proud and when we fail we feel rejected or bad about ourselves.

Human Nature Happiness A Changing Value

Our happiness in this realm is determined by our acceptance of others and our own self exaltation. It is easy to learn what it takes to be accepted then incorporate those ideals into life. Even when they are adverse to a witness of life, according to the quotes of Jesus. These justifications of our human nature become our standards to live by. Our human nature learns from others, then places their values upon ourselves. These unquestioned values as Jesus says, Become Heavy Burdens upon our lives. Throughout our life we find as we grow older the things we wanted at one time in our life no longer have the same value. This is the spirit of life in action in this manner a person grows in wisdom br realizing what is important and what is not.

Human Nature and Ego

My human nature only has value in my ego and no one really cares about the ego part of me, unless they want something from me. The value is when I am able to offer to others a skill or information to help them in what ever their endeavor may be. It is a spirit of life when the help aligns itself with the quotes of Jesus Christ. God is not interested in what I can do for myself only in how do I show my belief in Him.

Jesus Quotes,

“If you love me, keep my commandments. When a person love’s me, they keep my quotes: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.”


God’s Conditioned Love

From this quote it is obvious to me that the value of my relationship with God is very conditional based upon incorporating His quotes into my life. The value of life is in keeping His quotes, not in the value of my human nature. His opposition is my human nature believing in unconditional love or love without conditions doing whatever I want. I do not have to learn anything when I believe in unconditional love because there are no conditions. With this spirit I do not want to learn anything other than the things I have come to believe and told.

Jesus Quotes,

“Be reconciled with your brothers and sisters, and then come and offer your gift. Agree with your adversary while you are with them. Blessed are the peacemakers, They are called sons of God.”


Reconciling My Human Nature

The first reconciliation must occur in our relationship with how we perceive God. I have two choices, I learn to justify my own ego and create God the way I want or to be a student of the commands of Jesus Christ then incorporate them into my life. One or the other will happen.
From His quotes It is obvious He is teaching everyone to reconcile and be in harmony with all of His quotes. First by studying the value of His quotes, then implementing them into life. Human nature is not a fan of taking time to study and figure out what He has to say. My human nature prefers to do something other than contemplate His existence and what He is saying. I keep in mind that I have to reconcile any differences I may have with His words and principles, if I am going to have life according to His Quotes. By doing this I can love others as I would like to be loved. Then I am able to reconcile my differences with others.
Reconciliation takes place by understanding and correcting the difference between the value of the Word of God and the value of human nature as they relate to each other.