Spirit Of Life Or Spirit Of Human Nature

Two Options To Choose From


“A new command I give you, “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my Students/Disciples, if you love one another”


Two Options

Within the context of this parable I find two different options to love one another. The first option is to take this content and apply it according to my own human nature. The second option is to apply it according to the manner that Jesus has quoted in the Gospels.

Human Nature

I think about my human nature and how it influences the way that I would love someone. The first things that come to mind is My human nature brings forth the things that I like. What I like to do may not be what someone else would want. For instance my nature is to do as little as possible, I really do not like to learn anything new unless there is a benefit. I like to eat and drink what I want. Quite frankly there are so many things I occupy my time with that results in no one benefitting anything except myself. In retrospect these are obstacles that create problems in loving others the way I want to be loved. When I am promoting my goodness I am looking only to satisfy my own needs. I use justifications to enforce my desires.
Jesus quotes a description of this nature when He says,


“The Spirit of God gives life; the flesh or human nature profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.”


In reality, I gain nothing by doing whatever I want except it makes me feel good.

Jesus quotes regarding The Spirit Of God.

    1. To not be focused on any individual effort except learning about life.
    2. Get along with others even when I do not agree with them.
    3. Love your enemies.
    4. When challenged keep up with your competition.
    5. To find out the truth ask questions that lead to yes and no answers.
    6. Test the words that are spoken to you to see their results
    7. Do not be fooled by justification look at what exist.

My own human nature in Opposition to God’s Spirit

    1. My focus is on everything that makes me happy.
    2. Ignore everyone that does not agree with me.
    3. Intimidate, accuse and justify those that oppose what I believe.
    4. I am not a competitor do not challenge anything, just let me I will live my life.
    5. I am justified by my beliefs, no need to ask questions or discuss.
    6. I have come to trust what others say as long as it agrees with what I think.
    7. Why should I look at what exist I know what I know and that is good for me.


A Guide Line

In believing these instruction of Jesus it is clear human nature leads to nothing except to nourish my own ego. The value in the words that Jesus speaks according to Him is that they are the spirit of life. These 7 principles along with HIs other quotes provide a guide line for creating a value to life. My human nature in relationship to these guide lines produces an inflated ego with value only to myself. This has no value to anyone but myself and produces nothing to support God. I guess if I can only see what makes me feel good how can I see anything else about life. Essentially I have nothing but a huge ego. I am the greatest.

Incorporating Principles

When I am able to incorporate the principles of Jesus into my ego I am no longer focused upon myself but the life that surrounds me and the people in it. The value of life is outside of myself in understanding the love of Jesus, then applying it to relationships in my life. With Jesus Christ as my number one teacher, I learn to love as Jesus loves me. Instead of learning how to build my ego I am now learning how to live with a spirit of God in the world that I live.

Identifying Disciples

When It comes to identifying His disciples according to these two quotes the students will be using the content of His quotes and learning and doing their best to live by them. Whereas human nature reflects a value of self for the purpose of making self feel good. As you can see these are two totally different values one is looking for answers to learn, the other has all of the answers to life and believes others should believe them as well.